Different models in office design – colours, patterns and various ideas.

Now offices, especially in huge corporations, are no more dolorous and unfriendly locations. In the late 90s they have begun to be colourfulcheerful and decorated with beautiful styles. Giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon there are just a few firms which images abolish stereotypes of somber corporations.

Naturally there are still offices which stayed, decorated with old-fashioned black and white colours, sometimes just because they aren’t prepered for modifications and only sometimes because of the corporation’s or professional specification (law firms or funeral homes), nevertheless many organisations and companies had already changed. The newest designs are the office murals, these are wall pictures which represent a corporation’s specifics or a organisation’s spirit, nevertheless the murals patterns may be different .

logo.png|R|W=200]Office murals are mostly huge and visible they should be good to look at, nevertheless they also should show the society (including co-workers, guests and corporation partners) how open-minded, creative and outstanding are the corporation bosses, that this specific company is different (in a positive wjob (see check here) and more interesting than hundreds of other firms, that they help young artists, art and, what is the most important, an non-standard thinking. It is presented in the murals patterns and in the themetopic of the office murals. The motive can be various – machines, animals, stars, the moon even games – every single thing depends on the artist and the owner of the organisation.

It can be just a draft related with things that the firm make or a wall-picture with a specific meaning or an important message. In human’s minds murals are associated with outdoor art, exposing buildings and walls and not with the offices, but nowadays that kind of creation is becoming more popular and fashionable. The time will tell is it just a short-time fashion or a new style in indoor design.

It is very interesting and pleasant to work in a multicolor and an interesting place which motivate you to having a good ideas and to do something unparalleled. A appropriate wall-painting in a working place it is a fantastic idea for many corporations.