New firms and their role in our world.

Nowadays we have a lot of different companies, branches are increasing. On the one hand they split to a large number of specialized units, on the other some new ones are creating, but some entirely disappear.There are a lot of business branches which are very stabile like mining, oil extraction or lumbermills. These kind of companies take from natural sources and changing them to power or other goods (fuel, furniture and so on). In this case we have got huge, international corporations which make a lot of money and have got quite satifactory results at the stock market. Despite the fact that humanity is looking for different energy sources our products going to be based on fuel and coal for the next few years. The new units of industry is an IT industry, for example companies such as: software development – czytaj w serwisie – company, Internet services, IT outsourcing firm and many others. These firms make and dispose high range technology.


Autor: Kirsty Pitkin

What’s interesting some of them don’t provide true, material substance, but virtual such as the social network organisations (they make only virtual applications), in some way software development company act in the same way. It is fantastic that people want and make money on product which do not really exist – gis systems. We have a big places to store database which can’t be read without using computer so they exist but unfortunately in some way, the same thing we may say about, for example, very old films with cellulose, but in this case we have got a huge difference: to show an old film we must have a proper apparatus, but it’s a piece of very simple mechanical tool, in case of actual databases we must have software (also advanced technology). In the end we have got branches which disappear or even already completely vanished like shoemaker (this profession is dispace by production firms) or blacksmith (it does exist but just as a artistic branch or as a part of high advanced stables; with racing or pedigree animals), many of them vanish in the nearest future.

Our universe is changing, we develop, create and destroy our reality, no one knows in which direction goes the path of the human fate, but we must be aware of the results of our actions and impact on natural world.